Why Opera Bracelets?


With so much beautiful jewelry available, why should you buy Opera Bracelets Jewelry?

  • My jewelry pieces are meaningful- not simply pretty, they evoke beloved works of music or literature
  • The wearer receives a tangible connection to beloved memories and emotions surrounding the opera, play, book or ballet represented
  • Wearing this jewelry offers the opportunity to share your passion by talking about its meaning with others who see you wearing it

What makes Opera Bracelets different from other jewelry products? Why do they make a meaningful gift?

Opera Bracelets have a unique narrative design

Unlike regular beaded or charm bracelets, Opera Bracelets enable you to celebrate your favorite opera (or other work) by literally telling the opera’s story from beginning to end using symbolic beads and charms. Each element is specifically selected to represent the important characters, arias and special moments from the piece. This unique narrative design makes an Opera Bracelet especially meaningful, as the piece:

• vividly evokes an opera that is beloved to you whenever you wear it,
• is a catalyst to physically connect to your memories and experiences of the opera, and
• allows you to relive the opera's story anytime.

Opera Bracelets are also great conversation starters that allow you to express the emotions you feel for that particular opera to others in a special way. Opera Bracelets are ideal mementos that outwardly show the world your passion for your favorite opera. Our motto says it well, “Remember the Moment”!

One quick note: Over time, many people have asked for Opera Bracelets to be made for works outside of opera, such as ballets (The Nutcracker), classic literature (Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables) and Christmas favorites like Handel’s Messiah. We were happy to design and create these special bracelets!

Click here to learn more about how Opera Bracelets are designed.

"Love this bracelet - I have loved this opera for many years. When I wear this bracelet, it brings me the comfort the opera has. I can look at the beads and see the section of the opera it represents. The beads and charms perfectly represent this wonderful opera and I am proud to wear this bracelet." - Sarah (La Fanciulla del West Opera Bracelet)


How does an Opera Bracelet tell the story?

Opera Bracelets are made using stainless steel memory wire, so when you follow the coils of the bracelet around from one end to the other, the story is actually told through the beads and charms. Each Opera Bracelet comes with a printed condensed synopsis of the libretto on a folded card in the jewelry box with the corresponding beads and charms clearly indicated, so you always have a reference to the meaning of each element. Also, here in our online store, there is a picture associated with each Opera Bracelet of the piece expanded into a spiral and short notes included indicating the meaning of the elements.

"I had to inform you that I am in love!! - These are the most gorgeous bracelets that I have ever seen! I got tears in my eyes when I opened the box, which is packaged beautifully and I very much enjoy the description card. I have to tell you that, honestly, I was shaking with joy/in awe as I was it on for the first time! Words cannot truly describe how glorious these bracelets are in person! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your talent and gifted imagination in designing these most amazing accessories!" - Susan (Die Fledermaus Opera Bracelet)
As an example, the picture below shows the spiral chart of the Die Fledermaus Opera Bracelet and demonstrates how the beads and charms represent parts of the narrative.
fledermaus-3-spiral-chart.jpgThe gift for the arts fan who has everything!

There is no other product on the market comparable to what Opera Bracelets uniquely provides to a fan of opera, ballet, literature and the arts – a way to uniquely express their passion for particular compositions and “Remember the Moment” of experiencing and falling in love with their favorite works.

If you are looking for a meaningful gift for a singer, music teacher or person who themselves is in the arts, Opera Bracelets are just for you! Many people have bought our jewelry as a special thank you or congratulatory gift for a performer or perhaps their mom, grandma, teacher, coach or other supportive person in their life.

"The best opera gift - I think this is my fourth opera bracelet purchase and it's beautiful. I give them to my daughter to celebrate her performances and it makes a lovely keepsake. Also a great price! - Denise (Ride of the Valkyries Bracelet inspired by Die Walkure)ride-charm-detail-web.jpgHow are bracelets made and worn?

Each Opera Bracelet is designed and individually handmade by owner/artist Cindy Battisti, who takes great care and effort to assemble and inspect each bracelet so it is a lasting wearable work of art.

Opera Bracelets are made with memory wire, so the jewelry expands when you put it on and then returns to its original shape to conform to your wrist, which allows our bracelets to fit nearly anyone! Also, there are no clasps required, so unlike other bracelets, you can put it on yourself without any assistance!

Watch the video below where Cindy demonstrates how to put on and take off the Carmen Opera Bracelet and shows how the Bracelet tells the story of Carmen from beginning to end:

"Gorgeous - Carmen being my all time favorite opera is absolutely captured in this gorgeous bracelet. Each bead,each charm, beautifully depicts the struggles and passions. A lovely selection of charms and colors!" - Donna (The Carmen Opera Bracelet) carmen-1-web.jpg
Exceptional Customer Service

Opera Bracelets is a two person* small business in Rochester, New York USA. Owner and artist Cindy Battisti designs and creates each and every Opera Bracelet herself and communicates regularly with her customers and followers through email and via of social media (Opera Bracelets has over 10,000 Facebook fans). Her husband, Andrew Battisti, handles marketing, sales, web design and the back office side of the business. When you buy from Opera Bracelets, you deal directly with Cindy and Andrew and no one else! If you have any questions about Opera Bracelets or issues with your purchase, whether it be with shipping, a broken bead or anything else, Cindy and Andrew will be there to ensure you are totally satisfied with your jewelry purchase!

*Talented jewelry designer friends pitch in to assemble when demand is high on popular items.

"Love this company! - I cannot say enough about how Cindy bends over backward to help. The product is beautiful and you can see the time and special love that she puts in to each one of these bracelets. The Mikado bracelet was our third one purchased and hope I to get many more. Thank you Cindy and feel so blessed that I found your company. My daughter is so thrilled with every gift bracelet I get for her, and she can’t wait for the next. - Angie (The Mikado Opera Bracelet)
mikado-6.jpgWe hope this information is valuable to you in your decision to purchase our Opera Bracelets jewelry! Thank you so much for visiting our online store and we look forward to serving you!