Romeo and Juliet

The tale of Romeo and Juliet is Shakespeare's most well known. The beautiful story and exquisite poetry is overcome by its heartbreaking doom.
I fell in love with the gorgeous Zeffirelli film when I was 11 - I must have watched it 100 times. By the time it came round in school, I knew the entire story by heart.

I truly love this work, but you have to admit its somewhat frustrating! I mean what the heck is wrong with Friar Lawrence? There are any number of ways he could have fixed this whole thing!

But I digress. It was a pleasure to create this bracelet evoking the beloved story with beads and charms especially chosen for it. The bracelet serves to help fans of the ballet (I was also highly obsesses with the Prokofiev score), Gounod's beautiful opera and those who love the play or films to "Remember the Moment".

Click the pictures below to see the bracelets in the Romeo and Juliette collection.

  • The Romeo and Juliet Bracelet tells the narrative of the story through beads and charms. Each bead and charm symbolizes a character or event in the narrative.
  • The Star-Crossed "Inspired by..." bracelet uses colors and charms to evoke the star-crossed lovers and their tragic end.
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