null Opera Bracelets - Jewelry for Opera Lovers
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9 Gift ideas for Literature and Theater Lovers

Opera Bracelet have a unique design which literally tells a story from beginning to end with beads and charms that symbolize characters and events of the plot. This makes full story bracelets a fantastic and unique gift for fans of literature and theater. 

Here are our top literature and theater related bracelets!

1. Les Miserables. Fans of this work establish a deep personal connection to it. They will find being able to have their favorite story with them to be incredibly meaningful. Click to see details on how the bracelet tells Victor Hugo’s story.

2. Phantom of the Opera. Be it in the form of a play, musical, film or the original book, fans of this piece are drawn into the magical world of the Paris Opera and the story of its tragic “Opera Ghost”. Click to see in depth how the bracelet tells Gaston Leroux’s story.

3. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This book has become iconic and nearly forms a modern day myth. So many of us become invested in the hero’s journey of Dorothy and her friends through books, films or theater. Those with a strong connection to this tale will enjoy having a unique connection to their memories with the Wizard of Oz Story bracelet- click to see more.

4. A Christmas Carol.Be it the original book or one of the many versions on stage and screen, we all have a favorite version of Scrooge’s story. Many cites have play versions that are always performed in December and many families have a tradition of attending. Remember these beloved moments with the A Christmas Carol Story Bracelet.

5. Beauty and the Beast. Many have an emotional connection to the ancient tale of the transformative power of love. This story bracelet is based on the original fairy tale from the 1700s. Each bead and delightful charm evokes a character or moment in the narrative. Click to see more about how the story is told.

6. Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare lovers get a special item this year with the first Shakespeare themed bracelet. Each bead and charm comes together to tell the story of Romeo and Juliet. Click to see more photos and details.

6. The Night Before Christmas. Clement Moore's iconic holiday story, beloved from our child hood or treasured in its sung chorale incarnation, here told through symbolic beads and charms. Click to see more photos and details.

8. Alice in Wonderland. the iconic fantasy is told through symbolic beads and charms. Click to see more photos and details.

9. The Little Mermaid. Hans Christian Andersen's sad tale of a mermaid who dreams of being human. Symbolic beads and charms represent the narrative.Click to see more photos and details.

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