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Celebrating Wine and Opera

Wine and opera tend to be much intertwined. I don’t have any big academic reason for this (probably somebody does) but I know because I am forever ordering wine bottle and goblet charms!

Here are some of the top appearances of wine in operas (in no particular order). You probably have more suggestions- let me know!

  • La Traviata- Libiamo! The Brindisi is one of the catchiest and most beloved opera tunes! “Let's drink to love; to wine that warms our kisses... Let's take our pleasure, of wine and singing and mirth, till the new day dawns on us in paradise." Translation from
    Click to see the La Traviata Collection
  • La Boheme- First the four roommates are delighted to have received a windfall in their poverty and crack open the wine. It comes in handy when they get the rent seeking landlord drunk to avoid having to pay. Wine flows freely later at Café Momus and in Act 4 poor Musetta seeks some wine for the ailing Mimi but finds “only poverty”.
    Click to see the La Boheme Collection
  • The Elixir of Love- “It is Bordeaux, not elixir.” But it ends up having a magical effect anyway!
    Click here to visit the Elixir of Love Collection
  • Carmen- She’s gonna dance the Seguidilla and drink Manzanilla! And once we get to Act 2 we’ll want to join her!
    Click to view the Carmen Collection
  • Don Giovanni is on the brink of going to hell but he takes a moment to toast “Women and wine the sustenance and glory of humanity!”
    Click to view the Don Giovanni Collection
  • Falstaff – Needing funds for wine and sherry get him in all kinds of trouble!
    Click to see the Falstaff’s Folly Bracelet
  • Faust –“Vin ou bière, Bière ou vin, Que mon verre Soit plein!” Never the less, the villagers recognize the devil when Mephistopheles strikes the Wine barrel sign and wine comes pouring out of it! Click to see the
    Faust Collection
  • Die Fledermaus-Honestly it might be easier to list the parts of this opera that do not involve alcohol!
    Click to see the Die Fledermaus Collection
  • Otello- If Cassio could just hold his liquor and not fall to Iago’s machinations, maybe people would still be alive, but alas, jealousy is stronger than all in this opera.
    Click to see the Desdemona Bracelet.
  • Magic Flute- Tamino may be on a quest for enlightenment, but Papageno would be happy with a glass of wine!
    Click to see the Magic Flute Collection
  • Tristan und Isolde- It looks like wine... but it’s not... it’s a tragedy in a bottle in this case...
    Click to see the Tristan und Isolde Collection
  • Il Trovatore- The Anvil Chorus: “Fill up the goblets! New strength and courage flow from lusty wine to soul and body.” Translation from Wikipedia.
    Click to see the Il Trovatore Bracelet

If you’re not a big drinker, check out my article on alcohol free summer beverages for opera picnics! Click here.