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Exploring Work and Opera

Our favorite composers have often taken time to express emotions about work- for better for worse! Often time seems to stop as a character mentions their work troubles or glories in a short passage or aria. It's a subject that nearly everyone can relate to! 

Check out my Opera and Work Play List on YouTube!

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Figaro (Barber of Seville)- The happiest barber and general do it all guy- He loves getting involved in intrigues as much as barbering!

Cigarette Ladies (Carmen)- The main perk of working in a cigarette factory seems to be cigarettes! But they seem OK with it...

Leporello (Don Giovanni)- This guy needs a new boss, or maybe a union. 

Mimi (La Boheme)- This woman is amazing, using her skill and artistry to support herself. And, she makes the most of what she has, appreciating the beauty in everyday things.

Papageno (The Magic Flute)- This guy LOVES being the bird catcher. His needs are simple- food wine and a family. As eccentric as he seems, he kind of is "Everyman".

Romani Chorus (Il Trovatore)- What brighten's the gypsy's day? Wine and women- no surprise- the age old tradition of going for drinks after work!

Ping , Pang and Pong (Turandot)- These guys need to talk to their HR department- they never know if they are planning a wedding or a funeral and haven't had a vacation in years!

Despina (Cosi fan tutte)- The maid Despina longs to taste the hot chocolate she makes for her mistresses... She must have the patience of a saint to work for these ladies, but gets through it with wit and a sense of humor. I'm not too sure she's going to keep her job after this one. 

Marie (La Fille du Regiment)- I think thee guys are taking advantage of her willingness to take care of them...

Susana (Marriage of Figaro)- Susanna points out the dangers of their position as workers in the Counts household... bringing happy Figaro to reality. 

Siegfried-As much as he is a snotty teenager, Siegfried does not shy away from working for what you need. He definitely shows us that if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. 

The People are the Heroes Now (Nixon in China)- Not sure how well that really worked out, still a work in progress... Catchy tune though.

Click here to see these moments on YouTube