The Faust Opera Bracelet

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Made to order archived design 2-3 weeks for delivery! Beads and charms can become unavailable over time. All effort will be made to come as close as possible to the photographed design.  Coupons do not apply

Faust is one of the most popular operas of all: for many years the Metropolitan Opera season began with a performance of this beloved piece. Gounod’s tale, based on Goethe’s famous book and a legend stretching back in time, tells the story of a man willing to sell his soul to be young again.

Along to way, Faust’s request and the Devil’s plans leave a trail of destruction: a boy next door robbed of his love; a young soldier dead and an innocent young girl driven to violence and madness. Knit together by Gounod’s beautiful music and redeemed by it’s beautiful conclusion, the themes of this work reach through all eras and are as meaningful today as ever.

Each bead and charm of the Faust Opera Bracelet represents a character or moment from Gounod's work. Some of the most important beads and charms are described below and you can see all of the symbolic descriptions on the spiral chart photo above or to the left. Also, a story chart explaining the symbolism of the beads and charms accompanies every bracelet. Click here to see the chart.

  • Faust is first symbolized by a white bead indicating his aspect as a white haired old man; then when he becomes young, he is the same shaped bead in a deep purple
  • Marguerite is represented by a delicate glass daisy, inspired by the meaning of her name.
  • Mephistopheles is a fiery red faceted bead symbolizing both the attractiveness of evil's temptations and the fires of hell.
  • Siebel, is indicated by a cat’s eye bead to represent his role as a witness to the tragedy of Marguerite’s life.

Charms included in the bracelet include:

  • Mephistopheles in his form as the Devil
  • Marguerite’s spinning wheel
  • Wine and beer charms representing the song "Vin ou Bière"
  • A jewel box symbolizing the Jewel Song and
  • An angel wing evoking redemption.


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