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The Handel's Messiah Bracelet represents moments of the oratorio with symbolic beads and charms. Makes a meaningful gift for classical music lovers, fans of choral music and anyone who considers Messiah to be a holiday tradition. 

Using text directly from the King James Bible and composed in under a month, Messiah is Handel's most familiar work and his Hallelujah Chorus is one of the most recognizable pieces of music ever created.

To see detailed photos or the beads I have chosen to reflect lines of the oratorio please click here: Telling the Story of Handel's Messiah

Each bead and charm of the Messiah Bracelet represents a moment from the oratorio. Some of the most important beads and charms are described below and you can see all of the symbolic descriptions on the spiral chart photo. Also, a story chart explaining the symbolism of the beads and charms accompanies every bracelet. Click here to see the chart.

  • The comfort of the Lord is a red heart.
  • A green bead with a zigzag facet indicates the hills and valleys that shall be exalted and laid low.
  • A clear light catching crystal symbolizes the Glory of the Lord.
  • Three pewter bead clink gently together representing God "shaking the nations".
  • Jesus, desire of nations is symbolized by a clear heart indicating his pure love.
  • Fiery colored beads are the purifying "refiner's fire".
  • The Pastoral Symphony is represented by deep blue beads of night with a Christmas star charm. Angels are sparking gold crystals.
  • The Hallelujah Chorus is signified by a large gold sunburst bead.
  • The Mystery of our redemption is an oval goldstone bead which looks black initially but when exposed to the light shows a galaxy of sparking stars.

Special charms and beads on the bracelet include:

  • A dove
  • Music notes
  • The Nativity
  • The Angel
  • An angel wing
  • A crown
  • A sheep
  • The last trumpet
  • Crosses

Messiah bracelet

Written by Carolyn LINHART on 05 19 2023

Love it! As a musician, I have played and/or sung in performances of this wonderful oratorio many times. The bracelet is a lovely reminder of all the passion and beauty of the music.

Review of Messiah Bracelet

Written by Michael on 12 19 2018

Beautifully crafted bracelet! Know that my wife will love it when given to her on Christmas Morning!

Simply stunning and intricate

Written by Sherri on 12 22 2017

I ordered this Messiah bracelet to commemorate my reconnection to choral singing. When it didn't arrive when expected, I emailed Cynthia who was willing to ship me a replacement ASAP so it would be there for Christmas. Fortunately, I checked my mailbox and found the box way in the back where I hadn't seen it at night when I check my mail. It is extremely well crafted and made with glass beads and lovely charms. I definitely would love to purchase more

Truly unique piece of jewelry

Written by Merrily Taylor on 12 18 2017

"The Messiah" is my favorite piece of music - I can (and do) listen to it at any time of the year. When I saw this bracelet, I knew I had to have it and I was not disappointed. Not only is it beautiful and eye-catching, but its symbolism in terms of the music is perfect. Next week I'm going to a performance in Philadelphia and I will most certainly wear this wonderful, colorful, well- madebracelet.

Perfect gift for any “Messiah” lover

Written by undefined on 12 13 2017

This is a wonderful bracelet! Especially “noteworthy” is the card included that explains the portion of “Messiah” that is represented by each bead or charm. I bought one as a gift, and I’d love one for myself some day. An exceptionally classy and meaningful piece of jewelry.

A Classic piece for an Annual Classic Messiah

Written by Robin Pollock on 12 12 2017

Having sun Messiah for 16 years, this bracelet was a must have. I think the choice of beads and the charms really depict this wonderful music. In particular I love the inclusion of the trumpet as the Trumpet solo is my favorite bit in the Messiah. I will be doing my 17th performance this weekend and can't wait to wear my new bracelet at both performances.

Messiah bracet is beautiful!

Written by Beth on 11 27 2017

As usual, the "Messiah" bracelet is as beautiful as all the other opera bracelets I have bought!


Written by Anonymous on 09 30 2017

Great jewelry at an affordable price.

Such a Beautiful Piece

Written by ed zamborsky on 04 26 2017

I spotted this bracelet during the Easter holiday and thought it would be perfect for my dearest. I rushed to order this limited production piece and I was thrilled to see it arrive so quickly in the mail. Perfect as always, my wife was shocked at my thoughtfulness and completely surprised as she never expected it. It tells a beautiful story and its such an unusual bracelet that it will be worn with pride. Thank you Cindy!

Just Perfect

Written by Ingrid on 12 14 2016

I'd felt this God-nudge in my spirit to find a special gift this Christmas for my cousin. In October, very unexpectedly, her Aunt passed away. This Aunt had a beautiful soprano voice and she faithfully sang in a local, bi-annual production of Handel's Messiah. In fact as she lay in her hospital bed that last day we all had a moment smiling through our tears at the idea that THIS Christmas she'd be singing with an incredible choral ensemble in Heaven - and who knows, perhaps with Handel himself as the maestro! I wanted to honor her memory with a special gift, but I didn't want the gift to reflect sadness, sorrow or death, but instead joyfulness, beauty and life. After 3-weeks of trying to figure out what to do, I thought again of the music and typed into my browser "Handel's Messiah" and up popped the Opera Bracelets website. I read through the bracelet description and then read the reviews and just hoped this was my perfect little answer to prayer for something to represent good and precious memories, to serve as tangible way of holding those memories close to heart in the years to come. And it is! Barbara McF's review is spot on - thank you - because the photos online are great, but the bracelet is more special than pictured. The shipment arrived quickly, the box and presentation are done so well along with the bead and charm identification card. And, Cindy, no spoilers here for first time buyers, but the other detail you include with the shipment is just such a nice, personalized touch for an online purchase. I am counting the days to Christmas in anticipation and hope my cousin receives as much joy in opening the box as I did when it arrived. And also great joy in wearing the bracelet to celebrate both her Aunt's love of singing and the greatest gifts ever given: Christ's birth for our salvation and His victory over death.


Written by Barbara McF on 12 02 2016

It was even more special than the picture showed. It's so beautiful I had to order another to give to someone special ! And the presentation with the little goodies made me feel like visiting with a friend. It was so special. Fantastic. Merry Christmas.

Beautiful and Meaningful

Written by Karen on 11 29 2016

I found this beautiful bracelet at just the right time. I have begun a program to memorize all the verses Handel used in the Messiah (from for Scripture Memory app). I was this bracelet on Facebook and was thrilled! Not only is it beautiful and very well made, it also tells the story of the Messiah. I will be wearing it through the Christmas and Easter season. Thank you for such a special and meaningful bracelet!!

Messiah Opera bracelet

Written by undefined on 12 17 2015

Exquisitely beautiful. Every time I look at the bracelet on my wrist I hear Handel's Messiah. Memories of Handel's Messiah at Carnegie Hall float before my eyes.

Just couldn't resist!!

Written by Christine Laws on 12 15 2015

I own four opera bracelets, but when I saw the picture of MESSIAH, I just had to have it. These bracelets are unique. They appear delicate on the wrist (even stacked), but they are sturdy in every aspect. The wire springs to easily adjust to the wrist but immediately resumes its string coil. The charms are firmly attached and have not snagged on any apparel. They are festive but not season-specific. I will no doubt buy more.

Spiritually inspiring

Written by Feroza on 12 05 2015

My Messiah bracelet is beautiful. It is not just for Christmas, but can be worn year round as an expression of my faith. It has a cross and angel wings, all symbols of peace, comfort and protection!

Beautiful treasures for my daughters!

Written by Margaret on 11 28 2015

We ordered two of the Messiah bracelets for our daughters. They both love them and plan to wear them throughout the holiday season. We wanted something they can use for years and love the beautiful charms with such special meaning! Can't wait to give them more of the opera bracelets !

A great way to enioy Messiah memories

Written by undefined on 12 28 2014

It is extremely difficult to find something special for my sister for gift giving occasions. When I discovered I was delighted. The package was to come before Christmas. It arrived right on time. The love, care and joy of owner to customer was evident. The bracelet is of superior quality. And my sister? She thinks I am great because I found something she didn't know she needed.

Wonderful, breathtaking bracelet!

Written by Bob and Gail on 12 22 2014

I saw your post on FB and could not believe how beautiful this bracelet is! My mom and I sang Messiah together for so many years. When I look at the beads and charms I can hear the music and the words in my head. I also look at it while listening to Robert Shaw's interpretation. Magic! I shared your post, and mentioned how lovely it is. My husband saw my post and ordered one right away. We haven't exchanged Christmas gifts for several years but he said he had to make the exception with this lovely bracelet. You have made my heart sing! Thank you!!! Oh! Love the names you chose for your cats. We are owned by two cats, Pat the Cat and Carol Grace.

Messiah Reigns!

Written by bunamaica on 12 09 2013

A delightful bracelet with significance - wear and witness! I bought three, two for gifts, one for myself....I don't usually indulge myself but this is special. I am glad more were made - no one should be disappointed they sold out!

The "Messiah" bracelet is a wonderful reminder of the holiday season

Written by undefined on 12 05 2012

I love my "Messiah" bracelet. Much like other bracelets I have which are more patriotic,I love having and wearing this constant reminder of God's love for us.

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