Micaela Bracelet

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Don Jose knows he should marry the faithful, beautiful and brave Micaela. But fate intervenes and she has a lucky escape from the dangerously jealous ex-soldier!

Blue beads evoke Micaela's description as "the girl in a blue dress". Touches of pink and pearl emphasize her femininity. Glass hearts with a heart charm symbolize her love for both Jose and his mother. A letter charm represents her role as a messenger from Jose's Mother, bringing him money, a letter and a kiss.  The heart in hand charm evokes her role as a guide, bringing Jose home to see his mother before she dies.

All "Inspired By..." Series Bracelets come with a card that identifies the symbolism of the charms and colors used.

A messenger of hope and love

Written by Zahra B. on 07 28 2020

I find this bracelet so appealing for its powerful evocation of Micaela's pure heart. The sweetness of the charms and the clarity of the glittering beads seem to bear a celestial light that declares the strength and integrity of a hopeful and unselfish love. I wear it for comfort and inspiration.

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