The Primordial Rhine Bracelet

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The Rhine Bracelet is inspired by the primordial moments in which the Ring Cycle begins at the beginning of Richard Wagner’s opera Das Rheingold. The three Rhinemaids guard a treasure- gold which can be formed into an all powerful Ring by one who will forsake love forever. Alberich the dwarf accepts the terrible bargain that the startled Rhinemaids were sure no creature would ever consent to.

Beads of blue, green, teal and aqua bring to mind the magical Rhine River, further evoked by crystals in watery colors. Tiny gold metallic beads hint at the powerful gold hiding in the riverbed. A mermaid charm represents the Rhinemaidens who guard the Rheingold, while a black padlock symbolizes Alberich’s vow to renounce love. The Ring charm represents Alberich’s success at forging the Ring and for us beginning the Ring Cycle.

All "Inspired By..." Series Bracelets come with a card that identifies the symbolism of the charms and colors used.


Most admired and gorgeous gift

Written by Robin Pollock on 12 12 2017

This gorgeous bracelet is my 13th purchase of Cindy's bracelets. Bought to give to a dear friend of 50 yrs because she is an Opera buff and the colors of these bead are just so her. After I returned home from Adelaide my friend phoned to say she'd worn the bracelet the night before and her friends were drooling over it it was so lovely. My friend is delighted with the lovely gift and assured me her granddaughter will no doubt have her eye on it at Xmas time!!


Written by Alison Cole on 01 21 2013

This is the most wonderfully, elegant and fun piece of jewellery. I just love it! Thank you

Perfect gift for opera fans

Written by undefined on 11 23 2012

I got this for my mother, who is very passionate about opera. These bracelets are cool and colorful and unique, and their relation to opera makes them the perfect gift for opera fans.

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