Suor Angelica

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Made to order archived design 2-3 weeks for delivery! Beads and charms can become unavailable over time. All effort will be made to come as close as possible to the photographed design. Coupons and Sales do not apply.

A one act opera takes you on a journey through the depths of despair and heights of redemption. It's a lot of emotion wrung out in less than an hour by the master of emotion - Puccini. Nun Angelica lives for the love of her baby from whom she has been separated. When she is told he has died, she takes solitary and disastrous action to cope with her grief. But, in a nearly literal "deus ex machina", she receives forgiveness is united with her child. If you consider being dead and in heaven with your child to be a happy ending... boy, does this opera deliver!

I chose mainly white glass pearls to reflect the libretto's descriptions of the "white figures of the nuns". Delicate green glass leaves indicate Angelica's skill as an herbalist which leads to her rash actions. An angel wing represents her name. A goblet charm is the poison she creates and drinks thinking she will join her son in death, yet in reality sealing their separation forever. A medallion of the Virgin symbolizes the forgiveness shown to Angelica by the Virgin Mary allowing her to be united with her son. Tiny baby feet represent Angelica's baby son. A cross bead accents one end of the bracelet to indicate Angelica's role as a nun.

All "Inspired By..." Series bracelets come with a card that identifies the symbolism of the charms and colors used.


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