The Nutcracker Ballet Bracelet

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The Nutcracker Ballet Bracelet tells the story of Tchaikovsky's holiday ballet through symbolic beads and charms. This piece makes a meaningful gift for ballerinas, ballet lovers and anyone who considers The Nutcracker to be a family holiday tradition. 

"A few years ago, I purchased your "Nutcracker" bracelet for my grand daughter and for me. It is absolutely amazing.. Your packaging and delivery was magical and a "gift" within itself. Your jewelry is truly a "treasure" that is loved and enjoyed throughout the years!" -Lorraine

Each bead and charm of The Nutcracker Ballet Bracelet represents a character or moment from the work. Some of the most important beads and charms are described below and you can see all of the symbolic descriptions on the spiral chart photo above or to the left. Also, a story chart explaining the symbolism of the beads and charms accompanies every bracelet. Click here to see the chart.

Please Note: Opera Bracelets contain small delicate parts and are not intended for children.

  • Clara is represented by a pale pink bead; Fritz her brother is a light blue bead.
  • The beloved Nutcracker is first a red bead with a Nutcracker charm, then a crackled red bead signifying Fritz breaking the Nutcracker. A sparkling gold crystal indicates when he is transformed into a prince.
  • Wise and mystical, seeing beyond the ordinary world, Doctor Drosselmeyer is a luminous purple cat's eye. His clockwork dolls are represented by a diamond shaped bead (Harlequin), flower (Ballerina) and blue bead (Soldier).
  • A small Christmas tree bead is later followed by a larger Christmas tree charm signifying its magical growth. A crown and mouse bead indicate the Mouse King.
  • A slipper charm indicates the moment when Clara throws her slipper to distract the Mouse King, allowing the Nutcracker to strike a fatal blow.
  • Blue and white beads and a delicate snowflake bead indicate the snowy night in which Clara and the Prince meet the dancing snowflakes.
  • I chose a pink crystal to represent the Sugarplum Fairy indicating sugar's crystalline nature. A blue crystal is her cavalier and a ballet pas de deux charm indicate their series of dances.
  • A chocolate colored pearl evokes Spanish chocolate, a coffee bean bead is Arabian coffee, a Chinese porcelain bead symbolizes Chinese tea. An intricate gingerbread bead represents Mother Ginger.
  • Charms represent the Russian Dance (candy cane) and the dance of the toy flutes (pan-flute charm). A millefiore (thousand-flowered) bead is the waltz of the flowers, and a swirled pink bead symbolizes the graceful music of the final dance.
  • A sun bead symbolizes the arrival of Christmas morning.

Nutcracker memories

Written by undefined on 12 28 2017

Held the little girl for whole performance many years ago. Now she’s 27 and the bracelet brought the thrill full circle.

You will love this bracelet

Written by undefined on 12 17 2017

Because it will make you think of all of your happy memories of going to see this magical ballet

Wonderful gift

Written by Happy Grandma on 12 03 2017

Two of our granddaughters were in a production of the Nutcracker this year, one as Clara. We bought this as a gift for our daughter to represent the girls' roles this year as well as in the past. She loved identifying each charm and bead.

Simply Awesome!

Written by Luann on 01 13 2017

This is a beautiful exquisite bracelet. It's such a great gift for my daughters who own a dance studio and put on the Nutcracker every year! I even bought one for one of the teachers and they loved it! A must have for anyone in the dance world!

Love it!

Written by undefined on 12 04 2016

Well done! Will pass it on to my granddaughter who is graduating with a dance major. But I want to wear it once or twice first!!!! She will love it!

Brilliant, Unique, Beautiful

Written by Nancy F. on 11 21 2016

I ordered the lovely Nutcracker bracelet for my 13 year old daughter. She is Clara, as she has been for the past 3 years. What an honor! I wanted something to commemorate this year's performance, but just couldn't find anything unique. When I saw the opera bracelets I was blown away! Then, I couldn't decide which one to purchase. Since she will be Clara it made sense to choose that one. It is a beauty! But, then, I read how the Nutcracker one represents the whole story...each bead sequences each scene. I ordered it, it came within just a few days, and when I opened it, I got tears in my eyes. I can't wait to present it to my "Clara" Fri nite. Thank you for creating the perfect piece!

The Best

Written by undefined on 11 18 2016

I love this bracelet. Perfect time of year to wear it, especially when I go see the Nutcracker next week! Colors work with anything you wear and fit is great - I have small wrists and it fits, unlike a lot of bracelets.

The Beautiful Nutcracker Bracelet

Written by Stephen Hutchings on 11 02 2016

This wonderful bracelet is a gift for a wonderful ballerina and I am positive she will treasure it for ever

Beautiful bracelet - love the card with it.

Written by Marcie on 12 18 2015

I love this bracelet. Also the card that comes with it, is so nice too. Such beauty and fun at the same time.

For My Ballerina

Written by CC on 12 08 2015

When I opened the box to view the bracelet, I was stunned - it is so unbelievably beautiful! My daughter has danced in Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's production of "The Nutcracker" for two years now, and it is such a wonderful experience she has each year. The memories she makes with the other students, as well as, dancing on stage with the principal dancers of the PBT Company are ones that she will have for a lifetime! As a student at the school herself, she looks forward to auditions for "The Nutcracker" and this year, a dream of hers came true as she landed a role that she has wanted to dance in since seeing the show at the young age of 3. I thought of no other gift to give her than this bracelet - a momento of her years at PBT so far and the memories she has made along the way. At 9 years old - and as her training continues - my daughter strives to be the Sugar Plum Fairy. This bracelet will certainly help her strive even harder! Thank you for creating such a wonderful bracelet for her to wear every year now!

Christmas present in loving memory

Written by Ginny on 12 07 2015

Since losing my husband five years ago, I've had very little desire for Christmas presents, only buying things for the little ones in my family. We loved buying Christmas gifts for each other and these were often from a Dear Santa note, often attached to a catalog marked with items we desired or felt we needed. There would also be surprise ones that we thought the other would like. This year when I saw the Nutcracker opera bracelet, I just knew it was meant to be my present from Santa. Darryl loved listening to the Saturday afternoon at the Met opera on the radio while he worked out in his garage woodworking shop. The Nutcracker was a favorite for both of us. Over the years we went to Nutcracker performances many times and also enjoyed watching them on television or sitting together during the holiday season listing to a CD over cookies, cocoa or wine. When I told a friend about buying it for myself, she said "You may think you bought it for yourself, but I know that he bought it for you.

Nutcracker Bracelet

Written by Mary Noll on 03 05 2015

Beautiful and detailed. Love it

Bracelets that fit

Written by undefined on 09 28 2013

I have small wrists and have trouble finding bracelets that fit. I like the memory wire bracelets because they fit and are easy to get on and off. I also like receiving the story of each bead. To me it makes each bracelet more meaningful. The wire is sturdy and the quality of the beads is top notch. I work with a ballet company that performs the Ballanchine Nutcracker so this bracelet is about to be worn a lot!

What a bracelet!

Written by undefined on 12 09 2012

I am so incredibly pleased with this special bracelet. It is just gorgeous. Very colorful. Heavier than I anticipated, but the beads seem to be of a higher quality. Not flimsy at all. I love it. I can't wait to share it with my mother.

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