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The Turandot Collection

When creating story bracelets, for legal reasons, I limit myself to the stories in what is called the public domain to minimize legal complications. Modern day copyright protection generally kicks in for works published after the year 1923. Most popular operas were published long before this.

Turandot is the exception, having been completed in 1926. It is based on older works but they are far from the Turandot we know and love. So, a Full Story bracelet where I literally represent the narrative and send a card with a mini version of the story is not possible. I’m not being paranoid, I have heard stories more than once about people who have “gotten the call” after stepping on the toes of Turandot use.

But my love of Turandot is such that I have made a collection of “Inspired By...” Bracelets. These celebrate moments of the piece without “stealing” the narrative. (Plus there are earrings too!)

Click Here to visit the Turandot Collection

Royal Riddles

Inspired by Act 2 of the opera, Blue and white beads symbolize the Ice Princes who calls things to order “Signore Ascolta!” Elements of the bracelet symbolize the answers to the questions Turandot asks in her fatal game show “Who wants to be Emperor of China”

Nessun Dorma

Symbolic of the beloved aria in which Calaf dreams of his future- the glory he will achieve by dawn as he watches the “stars that tremble with love and hope”. A sun and moon embracing represent the love that blossoms between Calaf and Turandot by dawn. Colors transition from dark blues (night) to pinkish golds (dawn)

Liu’s Love

A flowering heart represents the valiant slave girl whose ever action is a result of her faithful love for Calaf, whom she can never have. A heart in hand charm is her loving guidance of blind Timur. A dagger indicates her sacrifice ensuring Calaf’s victory. White and clear beads symbolize her purity.

Turandot Earrings

The Turandot Earrings represent the riddles and the final victorious answer. Hope (golden crystal), Blood (red droplet), Turandot (crown). A Chinese symbol for Love “I know the name of the stranger”

Click Here to visit the Turandot Collection