The Nessun Dorma Bracelet

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The Nessun Dorma Bracelet is inspired by the famous aria in Act 3 of Puccini’s Turandot. A great gift for an opera fan. 

The Unknown Prince, Calaf, ponders his fate… If he lives though the night with no one discovering his name, he will win the woman he loves. If the secret is discovered he will be put to death.

The colors of the beads on this bracelet symbolize Calaf’s vigil: deep blues and purples indicate the night which blend to pinks and golds representing the dawn. Star and heart shaped beads represent the longing words “Stars that tremble with love and with hope.” Star shaped charms further enhance the bracelet and a delicate charm of the sun and moon embracing symbolize Turandot’s life changing answer to the secret… “I know the name of the stranger …It is Love”.

All "Inspired By..." Series Bracelets come with a card that identifies the symbolism of the charms and colors used.


Nessun Dorma bracelet

Written by Christie on 04 27 2021

Stunning. So very beautiful.

Nessun Dorma

Written by Leslie Painter on 05 19 2020

More perfection from Cindy at Opera Bracelets! Great representation of the opera, but like all the bracelets, you can wear anytime, anywhere! Love the colors, a perfect blending of dark and light!

Beautiful bracelet

Written by undefined on 11 06 2017

The bracelet is beautiful. I'm giving it to my daughter for Christmas. It is based on one of her favorite songs.


Written by Donna on 05 30 2017

Picture doesn't do this bracelet justice.Made beautifully and packaged nicely. My daughter and I are planning to see our favorite opera Turandot together so I purchased these for us to wear. They will make a wonderful keepsake for us to remember our experience together.

Nessun Dorma!

Written by on 02 06 2017

Who doesn't love a themed bracelet with a favorite aria from Turandot


Written by Gail High on 12 02 2016

Love these bracelets they are beautiful. Bought one last year (Aida) and came back for another one this year (NessanDorma). I would recommend them to anyone that enjoys opera.

These are more beautiful than expected!

Written by Jeanne Olson on 05 14 2015

I chose this one for my son who died and loved this music! That makes it extra special. The charms are very delicate and the colors are perfect.

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