The Madama Butterfly Opera Bracelet

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The Madama Butterfly Opera Bracelet tells the story of Puccini's opera through symbolic beads and charms. A meaningful gift for an opera lover.

Madama Butterfly: a tragic tale of destroyed innocence set on the backdrop of clashing cultures. Naive Japanese geisha Butterfly thinks she has found her savior in US Lt. Pinkerton. She keeps her faith in the US, it’s God and love until it is clear that he was not her savior but her destruction.  This heart wrenching tragedy has been the first opera for many and holds a place of love in many hearts. I hope you will find the bracelet keeps the beautiful story and music close to you.

Each bead and charm of the Madama Butterfly Opera Bracelet represents a character or moment from Puccini's work. Some of the most important beads and charms are described below and you can see all of the symbolic descriptions on the spiral chart photo above or to the left. Also, a story chart explaining the symbolism of the beads and charms accompanies every bracelet. See chart below.

  • A bead with Asian artwork sets the scene of Nagasaki. Patriotic colored beads and a US flag charm represent Lt. Pinkerton and consul Sharpless. A bronze colored bead is marriage and house broker Goro.
  • I chose delicate pink round crystals and pink butterfly crystals to symbolize Cio-Cio-san.
  • Red and white seed beads frame the flowers which represent Butterfly’s friends and relations as these are the wedding colors of Japan.
  • A cross bead represents Butterfly’s controversial decision to become a Christian, embracing the faith of her new husband. A large dark bead is the disapproval of her Uncle the Bonze. She weeps (teardrop bead) until sundown (gold sun over the water bead).
  • Blue crystals with star and heart shaped beads evoke the Act 1 love duet “sweet night of stars unending”.
  • Three blue egg shaped beads represent the three years Pinkerton has been gone after telling Butterfly he will return when the robins nest. A deep blue floral heart is symbolic of the strength of her love and faith that he will return.
  • A pink cats eye symbolizes Suzuki as the witness to Cio-Cio-san’s story and a golden bead is the Prince which Goro proposes as anew husband for Cio-Cio san. She shocks Sharpless and Goro by revealing her son (small gold glass bead inspired by his golden curls0.
  • Glass flower beads symbolize the flower duet in which Suzuki and butterfly decorate the house with flowers to celebrate Pinkerton’s return. The sun over the water bead is used again to evoke their vigil from sunset to dawn.
  • Pinkerton’s “real” wife Kate is a clear iridescent bead.
  • Butterfly chooses to die with honor rather than live with dishonor. Her violent end is represented by a crystal Butterfly framed with blood red beads.
  • Charms that enhance the piece are Butterfly’s fan, Kate’s wedding ring and the dagger which ends Butterfly’s dishonor.

Madama Butterfly bracelet is gorgeous!

Written by Susan K on 09 05 2019

I am so pleased with this bracelet! The beads are beautiful and the colors look so pretty together.

Butterfly bracelet

Written by Linda Johnson on 12 18 2017

I purchased this as a gift for my friend who will be seeing her first Madame Butterfly this summer in Santa Fe. It is beautifully made and quite lovely; it will be a wonderful remembrance of her experience. Shipping was very quick!

Great holiday gift

Written by Eileen on 01 16 2017

Purchased for a Christmas gift. Recipient loves it.

Absolutely beautiful

Written by Shari Hughes on 05 12 2016

I purchased this for my mom for her birthday/Mothers Day gift. It was more stunning than it looked on the website. My mom was so excited to get this, she had heard of Opera Bracelets before, which I didn't know. She couldn't stop gazing at it on her wrist. I was so happy to give her this, and she couldn't wait to show it off to her friends.

Beautifully Made with quality beads

Written by Jeanne on 02 24 2016

I purchased 4 Madama Butterfly's to give as gifts before we all watch the Met Opera's HD premier! I can't wait to present them and read thru the sad & touching story card that is a part of the beautiful gift presentation boxes.

Friend to Friend

Written by Jo Coke on 01 22 2016

A friend gave me the Tosca bracelet, honoring my love for my favorite opera. When she developed pancreatic cancer, it was the obvious thing to do to give her the Madama Butterfly bracelet...her favorite opera.

Best Gifts Ever!

Written by Claire Brantley on 12 30 2014

My husband has now bought me several Opera Bracelets and I love each of them! I try to go to The Met a couple times each year, so sometimes Tom gets me the corresponding bracelet. I'll get to see Madama Butterfly this year here locally (Tampa) so I'm delighted that he got me this one for Christmas. The bracelets are ALL very well made, the beads and thoughtfully selected and creatively placed together. I show my bracelets to people sitting near me at the operas all the time -- and even just wear them occasionally to non-opera events because I think they are all lovely. Such a great gift for an opera lover!!! I hope to collect them all!

more than fulfilled my expectations

Written by Kathleen Wax on 05 12 2014

From the packaging to the explanation and description of the beads and charms this bracelet is expertly crafted and is exceptionally beautiful in every way!

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