O Fortuna

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The O Fortuna Bracelet is inspired by the words that begin Orf's majestic Carmina Burana.

I was surprised by the dark meaning of this very famous music. This bracelet was requested numerous times, so people really connect with this piece on a deep level.

I chose black luster and aurora borealis beads to evoke the mystery of fate and fortune. A moon charm and luminous glass sea opal bead symbolize the moon, reflecting the opening lines: "fortune like the moon". A ship's wheel indicates the mystical wheel of fortune, the "whirling wheel" so emblematic of Carmina Burana. A skull charm and bead represent death, the "fate that strikes down even the strong". Glass tears are the concluding words to O Fortuna: "Weep with me"

All "Inspired By..." Series Bracelets come with a card that identifies the symbolism of the charms and colors used.

O Fortuna

Written by Leslie Painter on 05 08 2020

Another wonderful piece for my daughter in law who performed this in college. She is now a choir teacher and I feel like I have found the most perfect gifts for her, made by you! This is a unique, one of a kind find she will just love! It represents the song so well! I cant wait to give to her!

Cool, discussion piece jewelry

Written by Colleen S on 12 16 2017

I've always loved Carmina Burana. The stories behind the bracelets make them even more interesting in addition to being so beautiful. I like the mix of silver and gold metals with this one and all the bead choices.

Love, love it

Written by Robin Pollock on 12 12 2017

This was a must have since I have sung (Choirs) Carmina Burana a number of times over the years. I feel the black and navy beads so accurately depict the 'colors' of the music and the charms a perfect choice.

Had to have Bracelet!

Written by Robin Pollock on 12 11 2017

This one is special to me because I have sung (in choirs) this music several times now over the years. The black beads so lend themselves this oh so rousing music. I love it

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