The Vissi d'arte Bracelet

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Part of the "Inspired by…" series, the Vissi d'arte Bracelet is inspired by the heart breaking prayer in Act 2 of Puccini's Tosca. Singer Floria Tosca is put into an impossible dilemma, she must make a horrible decision - to give herself to Baron Scarpia or let her lover Mario die. She recalls her life of faith and good works and wonders why God would abandon her, putting her into this desperate situation.

I chose blue and purple beads to represent the night while watery teardrops reflect the depths of Tosca's despair. A heart-in-hand charm indicates her compassionate, anonymous help of the unfortunate. A music note charm and heart shaped beads symbolize Tosca's plea that she lived only for art and love. Floral and faceted beads along with an antique style flowered heart represent the flowers and jewels she would give to the church and her name, Floria.

All "Inspired By..." Series Bracelets come with a card that identifies the symbolism of the charms and colors used.


Vissi darte bracelet

Written by Clare Cohen on 09 03 2023

Tosca was the first live performance I saw. What a perfect birthday present! The bracelet truly represents the aria! Beautiful workmanship

Vissi d'arte

Written by Leslie Painter on 05 08 2020

Ordered two of these, because art and music play such an important part in my family life. I not only love this opera, but how the heroine loves the arts as well. As the mother of singers, musicians, and music teachers, I know how important the arts really are. This is a lovely bracelet I wear often!

Details are everything!

Written by Debi on 06 30 2018

I love this bracelet! I purchased it as part of the Tosca Gift Set, so please see my complete and detailed review there.

Lovely Bracelet

Written by Joy on 12 18 2017

I love the quality, integrity and thoughtfulness of this bracelet. I wear it with pride and it is always a special conversation piece with my opera friends.

Love it!

Written by Kristen Kessler on 07 17 2016

I just love this bracelet!

Live for Art!

Written by Melissa on 03 31 2014

I ordered this bracelet for a friend of mine who was debuting as Tosca with a big opera house. The bracelet completely impressed me! It was beautifully designed and high quality. My friend was very happy with her gift :) Thank you!

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