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The A Christmas Carol Bracelet tells Dickens story with symbolic beads and charms. It is a unique handmade gift for fans of this book, film or play. 

The famous novella by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, tells the story of miserly Scrooge who learns the true nature of human love and generosity. A holiday classic, the tale has been retold innumerably in theater, film and animation. Its messages of love, care and compassion are as relevant today as they were over a hundred and fifty years ago.

Each bead and charm of the A Christmas Carol Bracelet represents a character or moment from Dickens' tale. Some of the most important beads and charms are described below and you can see all of the symbolic descriptions on the spiral chart photo above or to the left.  Also, a story chart explaining the symbolism of the beads and charms accompanies every bracelet. Click here to see the chart.

  • Miserly Scrooge is represented by a frosty bead signifying his cold miserly heart. It becomes a sparkling crystal clear bead when Scrooge undergoes his transformation into a generous, loving man who uses his wealth for good.
  • Jovial nephew Fred is indicated by a round Christmas red bead.
  • Green beads symbolize the spirit of Christmas in the portly man seeking a charitable donation, generous old Fezziwig and the Ghost of Christmas Present.
  • A sparking crystal represents the brightness of the Ghost of Christmas past.
  • A black cats eye bead symbolizes the Phantom of Christmas future, indicating its ability to see what men cannot.
  • Ghost Marley is a grey cat's eye bead representing how he must roam the world witnessing suffering but being unable to help. The metal bead of interlocking loops symbolizes his endless wandering and chains.
  • Special charms and beads on the bracelet include: Bob Cratchit's Scarf; Big Ben (symbolizing the setting of London); the holly which tops the Cratchit's plum pudding; a festive Victorian Christmas tree; Tiny Tim's Crutch; Scrooge's tombstone; the Christmas church bells; and the prize turkey. Gold discs indicate money and wealth and their use in the story.

Christmas Carol bracelet

Written by Patricia Rimmer on 12 26 2019

Excellent customer service! Thank you so much! The Christmas Carol bracelet celebrates the book with great sparkle, shine, and color!

Colorful and gorgeous charms

Written by Robin Pollock on 12 11 2017

Such a beautiful bracelet with all the Christmas colors - a wonderful addition when asked to wear some bling! I wore it on the w/e in a performance of a Cantata where we had to be in black & a plain top. Love my Christmas Carol bracelet, what a talent you are Cindy.

For anyone that loves Christmas

Written by Cheryl on 01 11 2017

Being a lover of the Christmas Carol this was the best gift under my tree

Depicting the Classic The Christmas Carol

Written by Cheryl on 12 29 2016

This is the best gift I received this year. I have read the Christmas Carol every year since I was a little girl. This bracelet is well made and each bead are of high quality. I have my eye on another bracelet after I went to the web site.

Exceptional in every way!

Written by Christine Laws on 12 17 2016

Just purchased my fourth Opera Bracelet. I could not be more pleased with the beauty, the quality, and the uniqueness. I am always stopped by people wanting a closer look!


Written by Penny on 06 13 2014

The Christmas Carol has special meaning to me, and Cindy's creative genius (for it can be called nothing else) embodies the lessons of the story. The bracelet arrived well packaged so no damage could come to it. Inside, the presentation was perfect! There was a lovely jewelry box with the logo embossed on it, and included inside was a detailed description of each charm and its meaning. Of course, the bracelet itself is so pretty and sparkly and reminds me to keep Christmas in my heart all year long. I'm so glad I found this site and these wonderful tributes to our finest stories.

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