The Aida Opera Bracelet

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The Aida Opera Bracelet tells the story of the opera through meaningful beads and charms. A perfect gift for an opera lover!

Do you remember those beautiful moments from Verdi’s Aida? "Celeste Aida", "O Patria mia" and the majesty of the Triumphal March! Did it cause a shiver up your spine when Amonasro sang: "While today we are laid low by fate: tomorrow, it may be you."

Ethiopian Princess Aida is torn between duty and love, warrior Radames between battle, country and passion, and Egyptian Princess Amneris learns the terrible price of her jealousy and desire. In the end Amneris for all her power is only able to pray for the doomed lovers, begging the goddess Isis to open the gates of heaven to them. (pass the tissues please.... the whole box)

People will sometimes say that opera is old fashioned and does not relate to our modern lives. But in our tumultuous world, sometimes I feel the events of Aida are probably unfolding in one way or another nearly every day.

You can click here to read my blog entry that goes into great detail of why I selected each important bead and charm on the Aida Opera bracelet.

Each bead and charm of the Aida Opera Bracelet represents a character or moment from Verdi's work. Some of the most important beads and charms are described below and you can see all of the symbolic descriptions on the spiral chart photo above or to the left. Also, a story chart explaining the symbolism of the beads and charms accompanies every bracelet. Click here to see the chart.

  • A pyramid charm with deep blue beads sets the scene of ancient Memphis and the Nile. A glittering bead denotes Radames the golden warrior of Egypt; an iridescent heart his pure love for Aida (Celeste Aida).
  • Aida is represented by an opalescent pink crystal bead symbolizing the riches of Ethiopia and a pink bicone crystal is her rival Amneris. This denotes their equal stature as princesses. A swirling heart symbolizes Aida’s conflicting emotions, while a green heart is Amneris’s jealousy.
  • Golden beads represent Egypt’s spoils of war, won by Radames (Triumphal March). An elephant charm recalls the famous productions of yore which included live elephants on stage.
  • A pharaoh charm with a gold bead is the King of Egypt. A crackled gold disc symbolizes the shattered hopes of Radames. He had hoped to marry Aida, but the King instead offers him Amneris’s hand in marriage as a reward for his victory.
  • Amonasro, King of Ethiopia, is a patterned golden bead indicating his position as a King in disguise/hiding.
  • Blue beads and an opalescent glass bead with an ankh charm represent the nighttime vigil of Amneris as she prays in preparation for her wedding.
  • A turquoise colored floral bead represents the beauty of Ethiopia which Aida will never see again. (O patria mia). Her sadness is blue teardrop.
  • A gold bead which evokes a sense of being pulled in two represents Aida’s divided heart between duty/her father and her love for Radames.
  • A swirling bead indicates the military plans Radamaes inadvertently reveals. A black disc is his own acceptance that he is a traitor.
  • Red hearts symbolize the love of Aida and Radames
  • A charm of Isis signifies Amneris's final grief and guilt ridden prayer that heaven be opened for the two doomed lovers.

"Dear Cindy, I have just received my Aida bracelet, and I’m over the moon with it. It’s a 50th Wedding Anniversary present from my husband. Sixty years ago I was an extra in many performances of Aida, and I then went on to work for the stage director at the Royal Opera House. Thank you so much for the beautiful bracelet. Your work is exquisite and it’s such an unusual gift. I can’t wait to show it to everybody." - Diana

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    Aida Bracelet

    Posted by Clare Cohen on 02 17 2023

    The picture doesn't do the bracelet justice! The beadwork is impressive. The colors of the beads and charms really capture the opera itself. I have several of your designs and have yet to be disappointed! Each bracelet is a work of art!

  • 5
    Stunning !

    Posted by Claire on 11 13 2017

    This bracelet is stunning ! It's like carrying the opulence of Aida with you anywhere you go.

  • 5
    Dazzling Opera Bracelet

    Posted by on 02 18 2017

    My Aida opera bracelet arrived and it's dazzling. The combination of beads and charms is enchanting. Elegant touches of Egyptian design are intermingled with unique larger beads and charms for a beautiful effect. I love the way the bracelet tells the story of the opera. A must have for any opera lover.

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