Regal Egypt

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Inspired by Verdi's Aida, the Regal Egypt bracelet represents theme of life and death in ancient Egypt.

The colors of the beads on this bracelet were chosen to reflect Egyptian painting on parchment or stone. Deep blue beads evoke lapis lazuli so prized in Egyptian sculpture and jewelry. Glass hearts evoke the theme of love running through the opera. A Pyramid charm represents the setting of Egypt; a lotus flower is an Egyptian symbol evocative of the cycle of life and death and a charm of the goddess Isis symbolizes Amneris's final prayer that heaven be opened to Radames and Aida.

All "Inspired By..." Series Bracelets come with a card that identifies the symbolism of the charms and colors used.


Regal Egypt

Written by Leslie Painter on 05 08 2020

Such a bright and vibrant bracelet, love it! All my fave operas are represented here in such a lovely way! This represents the opera so well, another beautiful piece for my collection!

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