The Don Giovanni Opera Bracelet

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Mozart’s version of the legend of Don Juan, Don Giovanni, combines shocking drama, dark humor, supernatural elements and stunning music. Don Giovanni is presented as a true Anti-Hero. He is a man with no morals, whose adventures we share, with whom we laugh and can just nearly pity. But in the end, after witnessing his constant refusals to repent, we step away knowing his fiery doom is justified.

Each bead and charm of the Don Giovanni Opera Bracelet represents a character or moment from Mozart's work. Some of the most important beads and charms are described below and you can see all of the symbolic descriptions on the spiral chart photo above or to the left.  Also, a story chart explaining the symbolism of the beads and charms accompanies every bracelet. Click here to see the chart.

  • Drawn from Leporello’s comment that his soul must be made of Bronze, Giovanni is represented by a faceted glass bead in a bronze color.
  • Leporello, the servant who sees all in the night is a purple cat’s eye bead.
  • The noble ladies at odds with Giovanni are a pink glass pearl (Anna) and faceted pink fire polished bead (Elvira). The good Ottavio is a soft colored gold bead.
  • A small faceted silver bead represents each opportunity Giovanni has to repent or change his ways. Rose colored beads in many shapes and sizes represent the many seductions in Giovanni’s “catalog”.
  • A red luster bead signifies both Giovanni’s slaying of Anna’s Father and his own final doom.

Many pewter charms also enhance this bracelet:

  • Giovanni’s catalog
  • A mask to represent the masked trio of Anna, Ottavio and Elvira
  • A tiny fork and knife to commemorate Giovanni’s invitation to the Statue for dinner.
  • Giovanni’s enthusiastic preparations for feasting are accented by an ornate champagne bucket.
  • A loaf of bread to signify Giovanni’s believe that women are like bread or air to him and a wine bottle for when he hails the glory of women and wine.

opera bracelet--Don Giovanni

Written by Nancy Henderson on 09 22 2022

This is a particularly beautiful bracelet. I have bought several for my granddaughter who is an opera student. I think these bracelets are a very special gift for all opera lovers.

She loves it!!

Written by Rhonda Purtee on 05 14 2018

My daughter's out-of-town college commencement was a week away. She had recently performed the Donna Anna role in an opera workshop so I had the last minute idea to get her the Don Giovanni bracelet to wear for the ceremony. Cindy provided exemplary service and I had the bracelet in hand in just a few days. My daughter was delighted with the pre-ceremony extra bling, and will no doubt be wearing it frequently. A beautiful peice of art.


Written by Rosemary Morrissey on 01 10 2017

"Don Giovanni" has always been my favorite opera and this marvelous bracelet is about to become another favorite. I love it!

Beautiful bracelet

Written by Deborah on 05 17 2014

This bracelet is lovely, and so much fun to wear. I love the detail of the beads and charms, and what each represents. And I love being able to wear something that represents one of the great loves of my life - opera. Customer service is fantastic and I will be buying more bracelets in the future. Highly recommended.


Written by Lorinda on 02 20 2014

What a wonderful way to share the love of opera! Beautifully crafted with amazing plot detailed charms. Truly an inspired work of art! Also, extraordinary customer service. Will be purchasing others for a collection for my daughter. Wonderful indeed!!

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