The Musetta's Waltz Bracelet

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The Musetta's Waltz Bracelet is inspired by the opera La Boheme. This piece makes a perfect gift for opera lovers.

The Musetta’s Waltz bracelet is inspired by the famous music in Act 2 of La Boheme. Marcello is crushed by the arrival of his glamorous ex-lover Musetta on the arm of a rich older man. Her flirtatious behavior scandalizes everyone but on-lookers can tell that the chemistry between Marcello and Musetta is unstoppable.

I chose red and ruby colored glass beads and crystals to symbolize Musetta’s show stopping dress. (That’s artistic license- I can’t imagine Musetta wearing anything but sensuous red velvet on Christmas Eve!). Clear crystals and pearls reflect the sparkle of snow, starlight and Paris. A shoe charm indicates Musetta’s ruse to distract rich old Alcindoro and get Marcello back. Two dangly crystals symbolize the earrings she will sell to buy medicine for dying Mimi. An ornate heart charm represents her genuinely good heart (despite her fiery nature). A music note charm bring to mind the music of Musetta’s Waltz so famous both within and without the opera world.

All "Inspired By..." Series Bracelets come with a card that identifies the symbolism of the charms and colors used.

Musetta's Waltz

Written by Donna Waller Harper on 11 27 2017

Love the bracelet. For this one to be of the smaller variety, it has several strands with lovely ornaments. This is a fabulous site with much to pick.

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